Energy Therapy is a type of holistic healthcare/medicine which complements the conventional treatment of illness or injury by restoring the body’s natural energy fields to facilitate and promote self-healing.

Karen offers Energy Therapy using techniques that follow the protocols of Healing Touch for Animals (HTA), which are designed specifically to support large and small animals’ energy structures.  For more information please visit www.healingtouchforanimals.com


Energy Therapy benefits both animals and the humans who love them in a variety of ways, such as

  • Helping animals understand what is appropriate behavior
  • Strengthening the animal-human bond
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Supporting animals through injuries and illnesses
  • Helping animals recover from physical and emotional trauma, including abuse and grief
  • Building a resilient foundation for cancer patients
  • Developing confidence for training and competition
  • Supporting animals through the end-of-life transition