Karen offers in-person Energy Therapy sessions at the client’s/animal’s home. During each session she uses a variety of techniques to improve energy system functioning and/or to address behavioural issues.  She views each animal holistically, combining proven HTA techniques with her unique ability to communicate with animals.  Her approach can help with

  • Behavioural issues

  • Adoptions/re-homing for rehabilitated feral and abandoned animals

  • Life transitions (e.g. moving, their humans separating or divorcing, new babies)

  • Separation anxiety

  • Pain relief

  • Deepening the human/animal bond

  • End-of-life transitioning (CLICK HERE to learn more)

  • Animals grieving the loss of another animal or their humans and more.



Energy exists independent of time and space.  It is always everywhere simultaneously.  Because of this, a practitioner can project energy across space and time to be received by a client/animal. Being physically present with the practitioner isn’t necessary, making energy therapy accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

HTA Practitioners are able to alter their perception to work outside of space and time to access the energetic body of the client/animal.  Practitioners work on balancing the client’s/animal’s energy systems, releasing energy blocks and helping to facilitate healing within the body through the physiological response of energy therapy.   (For specific information about how HTA stimulates the release of endorphins and promotes relaxation, increasing nutrients and oxygen flow and strengthening the immune system, visit Changes at the energetic level ultimately have a positive effect on the animal’s physical and emotional wellbeing.


A distance session is conducted at a predetermined time and date that works for everyone.  When possible, Karen prefers to work using Skype as she can record the session for her clients.  The communication platform’s free video feature allows her to see the animal she’s treating and also to confer with her clients over the course of the session.  At the end of the session she talks to the client about what happened and answers any questions they may have, and together they determine whether another session is needed.

If using Skype is not an option, Karen can provide treatments by phone, Facebook Video, Facetime or WhatsApp.


In Animal Behavioural Counselling, Karen uses her ability to communicate with her client’s animals to gain insight into what is causing them to engage in undesirable behaviours.  They may be troubled by something in their current situation, or they may be holding negative energy from the trauma of past experiences.  She helps her clients understand what is causing their animal’s behaviour, and offers suggestions about what they can do to change the circumstances in a positive way.

FIELD Energy CLEARING for the home

Negative energy associated with trauma, stress, or unhappy life experiences can linger in a physical location, influencing the wellbeing of both humans and animals.  Karen can “clear the air” in new homes, as well as removing energy blocks from existing homes.  This can be done during an in-person visit or remotely.

The advantage of having your space cleared professionally by Karen is that her sensitivity to where energy blocks are located allows her to focus on the areas that most need clearing.


Initial assessment of needs/issues by phone - complimentary 

The number and frequency of treatments required depends on several factors, including duration and intensity of the illness and/or injury, age of the animal, constitution and individual circumstances. 

Communication session:                         $63.00 for 30 minutes (GST incl.)
Energy Therapy session:                         $126.00 for 60 minutes (GST incl)

Energy Therapy & Communication:        $162.75 for 90 minutes-Best deal (GST incl) 

Travel Fee $24.00 (GST incl)

ONLINE BOOKING is available.