• Healing Touch for Animals Certification (2015)
  • M.A., Applied Behavioural Science - Leadership Institute of Seattle (2003)   
  • B.A., Sociology - Trent University (1994)
  • Trent University Alumni Vancouver Leadership Council  (2015 to present)
  • Registered Clinical Counsellor, (2004-2015)
  • (Energy Therapist) Volunteer, Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (2014 to present)

I started to see and feel energy when I was 16 years old.  I didn’t fully understand what I was perceiving, however, until I was in my late twenties.  At that time my mother suggested I take some Healing Touch classes.  I had always been interested in helping people overcome emotional difficulties, and I thought that energy work might be another way for me to help facilitate healing within people.  I also completed the Level 1 course for Healing Touch for Animals (HTA), but I was focused on working with humans, so I completed a B.A. and then an M.A. in Applied Behavioural Science and became a Registered Clinical Counsellor.  I worked as a Counsellor at Hollyburn Family Services in North Vancouver, BC for 11 years before I was drawn to working with animals.


how a horse changed my life

A few years ago a friend asked if I could help her with a severe pain she’d had in her big toe for a few weeks.  The pain was so bad she found walking difficult.  I did a few basic techniques I remembered from my healing touch classes and within 20 minutes the energy work helped her enough that she wasn’t in pain anymore.  She then asked me if I could work on horses.

Her daughter had a horse and the two of them were having difficulties with each other.  She hoped I could facilitate an understanding between them that would help repair their relationship.  I dusted off my Level 1 Healing Touch for Animals book, reviewed it, and set off for the barn to meet the young woman and her horse.

As soon as my hands entered the horse’s energy field I received an overwhelming sense of sadness and frustration coming from her.  She sent me mental pictures of a foal she had who was stolen by another mare, and her frustration at being ridden beyond her abilities or desire.  She also sent me images related to wanting little children to ride her and the joy she felt at the idea of being their teacher.

While I was doing a simple energy technique on the horse I suggested to my friend’s daughter that it would be the perfect time for her to apologize for making the horse jump at a height she didn’t want to jump at, as well as competing when she didn’t want to compete.  

When my girlfriend’s daughter apologized and took responsibility for making her horse to do things she didn’t want to, the energy shifted and their relationship changed.  Within two weeks the horse was sold to a family who had a little girl who wanted to learn how to ride.  My girlfriend’s daughter went on to buy a horse that clearly wanted to compete and enjoyed jumping at higher levels.  I went on to provide services for the new horse when he became sick or was lame, which gave me a chance to practice the basic skills that I remembered from my Level 1 course.  I also started to hone my skill at communicating with animals.  Over the last few years, I’ve become aware that I could communicate with animals as a child, but that my ability diminished as I got older.  When I worked with my girlfriend’s horse it spontaneously returned, and since then I have consciously worked to refine and improve it.

Because of this life event I realized I wanted to move toward working with animals.  Over the next two and a half years I completed all the Healing Touch for Animals courses and became a certified Healing Touch for Animals Practitioner.

Since April 2014 I have volunteered with VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association;  please CLICK HERE to read a newsletter article about my work with the organization).  I have also been working to enhance and refine my psychic abilities through my studies with Lynda Jane Selina; please visit the News page of this site for more information about that.  Information about Lynda Jane may be found at http://www.lyndajaneselina.com.  I have also benefited from taking animal communication training with Danielle Tremblay, who works directly with animals to determine the root causes of undesirable behaviour and to offer practical problem-solving options.  My work with Danielle increased my accuracy, allowing me to be more concise about the information that emerges when I communicate with animals.